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Recovering Borked Catalyst 3560 Firmware

  • connect to the switch via console cable, run minicom or other terminal emulator
  • unplug power from switch
  • hold mode button, replug power, hold mode until SYST light stops flashing
  • at switch prompt, type flash_init
  • type load_helper
  • show flash contents by typing dir flash:
  • if necessary, delete vlan.dat and config.text by typing delete flash:vlan.dat and delete flash:config.text
  • use xmodem to transfer the new firmware to the switch: copy xmodem: flash:[name of firmware]
  • when transfer is complete, boot new firmware: boot flash:[name of firmware]
  • when the switch is fully booted, verify the loaded firmware: show boot
  • configure the switch to always boot from new firmware: boot system flash:[name of firmware]
  • save config: write memory
  • reload switch: reload