Google File Stream

Google File Stream is a shortcut program that makes a user's Google Drive appear as a drive letter (eg. G: drive) or a folder in the file explorer.

Installing Google File Stream

To be used in conjunction with Google Credential Provider for Windows.

To install Google File Stream, follow the instructions here:

Configuring Google File Stream

Based on the instructions here:

Open the Registry Editor and create the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Google\DriveFS . Alternatively, if an override is preferred to prevent users from changing key values, create the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Google\DriveFS.

Next, modify the mount point of File Stream. By default, File Stream mounts as the G: drive. Altering this behavior is necessary to avoid conflicts with other software that autogenerate drive letters. Create a new String subkey within DriveFS called DefaultMountPoint and set its value to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\GDFS. This creates a mounted "folder" within the user's home directory called GDFS. Within the GDFS folder, links for My Drive and Shared Drives will appear which link to the corresponding folders within Google Drive.

File Stream needs to autostart on login. Create a new DWORD subkey within DriveFS called AutoStartOnLogin and set its value to "1".

Reboot the computer, then log in with the school Google account.